About Triad Products, Inc.

"I've been thinking about contraptions like this all my life.. (Once I even thought I had invented a perpetual motion machine! - HA!) After picking up the guitar at age 15, my ideas turned to music. Having played guitar for 20 years now, touring, recording, etc..,..and always trying to find a way to angle my amp back, I thought, "there has to be a better way." I was so tired of lugging around that clumsy metal tube amp stand, tired of looking for chairs to put my amp on, and tired of scuffing walls with the corner of my leaning amp. So the Standback was born. It stayed an idea for a long time until I began telling people about it and then using a prototype at gigs. The overwhelming comment was "Where can I get one!?" After some encouragement from some close friends, we were finally able to offer this unique amp stand to the public. Please tell us your thoughts on the Standback!

Thanks for buying one! (We love 'em too)

-Triad Staff