Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put this thing together?

Watch the video on the home page, download the PDF instructions, or call 301-524-9939 to talk to a real live person.

Will the Standback work on my amp?

With a very few exceptions, the Standback will work on just about every combo amp or speaker cabinet out there. We took a long time getting the size of the Standback just right so that one size would work universally. It will work on everything from a little Blues Junior, to Fender Bassman style amps, to a Marshall 4x12 cabinet (John Fogerty used one on his Marshall 4x12 on the "Tonight Show" recently). A couple of examples of amps that don't work well with the Standback: Matchless 4x10 models, and other non-Fender and non-Peavey 4x10 open-back combos with very large cavities in the back. If you're still not sure, please don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 301-524-9939.

What do I do with my old metal tube ampstand?

Get a blow torch and make some kind of modern art sculpture out of it, (or send us your suggestions).