Endorsment Testimonials

Andras Parniczky

G-Moe – Earth, Wind, and Fire "I love my Standback which works great for many years. Easy to use and helps to hear myself better on stage without losing any details of my guitar sound."

Andras Parniczky - guitarist for Nigun

Skip Dorsey

G-Moe – Earth, Wind, and Fire "The Standback rocks!"

Skip Dorsey - guitarist for Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears

Hershel Yatovitz

G-Moe – Earth, Wind, and Fire "I love the Standback, well done!"

Hershel Yatovitz, guitarist for Chris Isaak

J.C. Girardier

"...Standbacks are simple genius that every roadguy will claim he thought of first."

J.C. Girardier, Audio Engineer for The Fabulous Thunderbirds


G-Moe – Earth, Wind, and Fire "This is the perfect amp stand!"

G-Moe – Earth, Wind, and Fire

Coco Montoya

Coco Montoya "For me, the amp has to touch the stage for the best tone, and no amp stand has been able to achieve what the Standback can do.  On stage, I need to be able to accurately hear myself AND maintain my tone.  I have a Standback with me all the time."

Coco Montoya - www.cocomontoya.com

Michael Vangerov of "Liquid Blue"

Coco Montoya Hey guys,

Michael here from Liquid Blue. We are out on tour and I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I love my StandBack Amp Stand. Everyone that sees it comments on what a great idea it is and I direct them to your website.The Standback enables me to get the amp sound focused at my ears instead of my knees and our engineer has better control of the FOH mix due to the reduced stage volume.

I can't thank you guys enough, great product and service!

Michael Vangerov - www.liquidblue.net

Tommy Butler

Coco Montoya I've been using the stands for about a week now. I really like them. They are unlike any stand I have ever used before. I have always liked sitting my amp on the floor instead of on a metal stand. When you put it in a chair or on a metal stand it just takes the tone away... It is always an issue to try and find something to put under the amp to give it a lil tilt but man with these stands I can adjust the tilt and the amp keeps contact with the floor. It keeps its tone... They are great.

Tommy Butler - MySpace

Jon Bivona

Coco Montoya
Standback is easy to use, strong and reliable, I take it everywhere I go!

Jon Bivona - www.jonbivona.com

Other Testimonials

Scott Holland

I used this at a gig last night for the first time and absolutely loved it. I think it's the first time I ever been able to really HEAR my amp (80's Princeton Reverb)in a live situation! Thanks so much for thinking of this simple, yet ingenious product guys.

Scott Holland

Britt Meacham

The Standback works like a charm! They take up much less room on stage and in road cases than the metal ones we've been using; and the fact that they weigh next to nothing is an added plus. Will be ordering another one soon for our singer's amp. Thanks, Jason!

Britt Meacham - Beat Daddys

Guy Pietrovito

Jason: I used the standback amp stand last night in a praise service. This is a fantastic product--easy to transport and set-up and, best of all, I could actually hear my amp over the band. I couldn't recommend your product any more highly. Thanks again.

Guy Pietrovito

Joel McCall

I have played on amps for years and longed to have a way to lean them back while maintaining contact on the floor for bottom end sound. Well, you did it! This is so simple, so well made, and so effective! My only regret is that you didn't invent this sooner. Great product. Tonight I am selling my metal amp stand on ebay.

Joel McCall

Michael Halmy

..... Thanks again
for a great idea that all guitarists should get hip
to ADVANCE \d 5I am thrilled with
the stand....Thanks for a great product.....

Michael Halmy